Resident Artists

WACO is committed to developing new contemporary work, to grow the 21st century Black arts cannon. Resident artists receive design, tech and production resources to create bold, new ideas for our audiences. 

Black magic

Keeper of Sadness is a multidisciplinary evening-length immersive dance work that integrates innovative VR/AR technology, classical and contemporary dance and activism to explore and bring to the forefront the transgenerational effects of trauma, imposed stereotypes and erasure of the Black women’s contributions to the existence of so many others

Through Keeper of Sadness Solomon seeks to connect fellow Black Women to their authentic self, allowing for communal mourning of unrealized joy.

reinvigorate Black memory

Friidom is a multidisciplinary movement artist, composer/choreographer, director, and actor, known for pioneering the cinematic-dance genre called “Epiic”

Black Hömer reveals an alternative window in which to explore—“Epiic”—poetry in motion. The Greek author and poet Homer has been noted as one of “the greatest of all time…” but to whose standards? Creator and choreographer Friidom Dunn wants audiences to recognize the Odyssey-like journey we each are on, and through Black Hömer invites you along the fantastical journey of his.

Currently living in Los Angeles, Friidom is on a mission to spread movement philosophy, raw expressive street dance, and stage movement by creating worlds that bridge divides. Consider Friidom the Willy Wonka of movement.

February 17 / 7:30 pm

February 18 / 7:30 pm*

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Featured Artists: Ambar Matos Ortiz, Blossom Wilder, Cassandra Torrez, Chris White, Dustin “DPayne” Payne, Enom Clayton, Indigo, James “Animated J’ Jimenez, Jesse Smith, John Freeland, Jr., John Nyboer, Jordan Sotero. Kae’dyn Levy (KD), Luz Gaitan, Malik “GVMBY” Bannister, Mode Korvidae, Rebekah “Beks” Denegal, Reshae Mackey, Rose Krol, Stéphen “Swizz” Banks, Tai Ryan, ThaooAishat Hasati (Miss Roots), Torrance Winder Valencia “Free” Stallings, Zion Elamin

*WACO Off Stage, artist talk immediately following the performance

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