Babe Evans

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BABE EVANS, Artist/Activist

Babe Evans career in theatre spans 40 years and includes acting, producing and children’s theatre. She served as the president of the Burbage Theatre Company and was the Artistic Director at the 4305 Village Theatre where she produced a Ron Milner play with the legend Woody King Jr.

She helps bring awareness every year to Sickle Cell Disease Association of America. Along with her husband, respected actor, Art Evans, she supports Artist for a New South Africa, Onyx Village (preserving black history in our families), Lula Washington Dance Theatre, SGI-USA (a peace organization), Theatre of Hearts, Inc. (youth in the Arts), the NAACP, where she served as Asst. Director and stage manager for the Theatre Awards Ceremony and is currently working on the 1 st annual Celestial Awards show.

She collaborated on a series of works commemorating the 50 th anniversary of the lynching of Emmett Till. Babe has worked with the California African American Museum and she has co-produced Literacy Day at the Museum for several years. She has served on the board of the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival, and co-produced several productions and had a leadership role, as Director of Education. One of her many projects was a recurring role on the critically acclaimed ABC Family show “Lincoln Heights.”

Ms. Evans has been Production House Manager, assistant casting director and is currently working with Bunny Hull’s Dream a World foundation in a program called “Secrets of the Heart” through the LAUSD system. She is the Mother of two talented young men and dedicated to advocating Peace for our future, the CHILDREN.